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AlfaCaps LLC is the pharmaceutical industry’s preferred global
partner in solid dosage delivery systems.

Empty Capsules

Capsule Filling Machines

Our encapsulation machines range from Semi Auto through to high speed fully Automatic. A comprehensive installation, technical support and service package comes with every purchase.

Alfa 60B - 60,000 capsules per hour
Alfa 60 B - 60,000 capsules per hour
Alfa 150B - 150,000 capsules per hour
Alfa 150 B - 150,000 capsules per hour

Packaging - Storage & Handling

Capsules are sealed in poly bags, lined with aluminium foil and packed in 5 ply corrugated cartons with stretch wrapping suitable for transportation in Refrigerator Containers.

  • Size No. of capsules per Box
  • 00 7500
  • 0el 90,000
  • 0 100,000
  • 1 125,000
  • 2 175,000
  • 3 225,000
  • 4 300,000

Technical Support

AlfaCaps has year of experience with manufacturing and filling of capsules. 

Machine Installation

AlfaCaps has over 30 years of expertise in capsule manufacturing and filling.

Filling & Defects

Numerous factors determine how efficient the encapsulation process is, our technical service team has decades of experience with a range of encapsulation systems, so technical support, advise and guidance is always on hand.